About Us

Simple Code Design is a conglomerate of passionate social media marketers who are poised to help bloggers and businesses earn real customers and a high readership rather than bought. We are obsessed with helping people achieve their social media marketing goals without hassles, and this we believe there is a better way to achieve.

Our core mission is to help you with a thriving edge in the ever-changing social media marketplace by giving your articles, ideas and creativity a wider coverage that will ultimately earn your website high organic traffic, create unhidden awareness for your brand as well as increase sales.

In order to ensure that we keep to our words in helping you generate maximum traffic from your articles, we at Simple Code Design focus on search engine optimization (SEO). This, we know to be the least understood aspect of social media and online marketing strategy, and this skill, we see as a goldmine which we possess to help you scale through the social media jungle.

Not forgetting to mention is our team of seasoned, creative and goal-driven social media professionals who are highly educated with decades of practical experience on what the social media market requires.

As a team, we at Simple Code Design have approved and strategically published a countless number of articles where millions of readers and the target audience can see, and we are sure that yours won’t be an exception.